• Faber Audio Files : This collection of audio files corresponds to the Faber & Faber teaching method. Select the "Level" your student is working in and you will see available listening files.
  • Facebook - Harkey Piano Studio : Listening assignments are posted for students. Also a source of announcements and interesting piano / music information.
  • iPhone Sightreading App : If you have iphone products this is a great app for sightreading practice!
  • Neuropsychology study : The benefits of music have been examined over and over again in various research studies. Recently, Neuropsychology published a study by the University of Kansas Medical Center demonstrates how senior adults who took music even as children benefitted on brain function and memory tests, compared to peers who had not studied music. Another good reason to play!
  • Piano Tuners : There are many qualified piano technicians in the area. I personally use Freer Music.
  • Practicing Techniques to Try : A good article with many excellent thoughts on getting the most out of your practice time.
  • San Francisco Symphony Kids Site : This is a fun, interactive site that provides a great way for people of all ages to hear, learn, and have fun with music.
  • Theory Exercises : On-line exercises that help students learn note recognition, intervals, key signatures and more. Free.
  • Tonic Tutor Music Theory : This site helps students improve their musical skills, especially in the areas of Note Reading, Music Theory and Ear Training skills. For $5/month fee, I can customize weekly theory assignments, view your child's progress and they can participate in periodic contests.
  • University of DE Concert Schedule : I encourage students to frequently attend musical performances. The University of DE is a great place to experience student ensemble recitals, degree recitals, faculty recitals, guest artist recitals and guest artist concerts. All events are subject to change without notice. For a recorded message confirming scheduled events call 302-831-2577.
  • When should you practice? : Practicing details to help you learn.